I don’t remember where I first heard of this, but I always loved the title:

The Care and Feeding of the Biostatistician

It was written by the collaborator of a biostatistician from John’s Hopkins, but covering some of the challenges we biostatisticians face in our consultations/collaborations. It’s a good read to prep yourself for working with us, though not all pieces will apply. I’ve been doing this job for nearly 20 years and my “art” is still not perfect in managing different expectations in all situations. Maybe a quick read will help you know where we’re coming from when we say all the annoying things we say. 😉



Thank you Advance-CTR for sponsoring our new web site! Incidentally, Faculty doing Clinical or Translational Research can also approach Advance-CTR for assistance. See their web site for details. We’re all friends working together to support the Clinical/Translational Research mission of Rhode Island.

Appointment Types:

While all research at Lifespan is sponsored by Faculty, there are different appointment types for when Faculty & Staff are the lead than for when their Trainees are taking the lead (Graduate students, Residents, and Fellows). If you don’t fit neatly into either of these categories (undergrad or medical student), then please base your choice on the status of your immediate supervisor for the project.

Classes & Labs:

– We have a small lab in our Grads Dorm location with 4 workstations with internet access. We leverage this space to teach small applied classes in response to common requests.
– We’re also expanding our REDCap classes to larger groups and locations throughout the state as part of Advance-CTR

Useful Links:

https://redcap.lifespan.org/redcap/ – Research Electronic Data Capture – Lifespan’s instance is free to use for Lifespan projects. Visit this site to gain access, log-in, and find useful links specific to REDCap.

Interested in Systematic and Literature reviews?

We don’t specialize in systematic or literature reviews in our core but there are many resources available if you want to pursue this type of research. The Brown library has resources as well as the Brown School of Public Health.